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Prototype of a Research Cell a project work by KIT and Environemental Research Center, Universidad de Conception, Chile Students of the KIT Faculty of Architecture will design and conceive a prototype of a research cell for the unique landscape park KARUKINKA in Patagonia and build it 1:1 independently in Karlsruhe under the direction of the Department of Structural Design Methodology in cooperation with the Department of Technical Extension + Building Technology + Supporting Structure in this SS16. Every thing in our everyday life has its own spatial trade secret. And this has to be explored with system and method.
What does the space required by an environmental researcher look like, especially when he or she is exposed to rough terrain and extreme climatic conditions in a small laboratory in Patagonia?
What does autarky mean in this case?
For this undertaking we need both material and financial support. The research laboratory will provide accommodation for at least two environmental researchers. Similar to a hotel room, the laboratory cell should contain things for daily use such as hygiene + sleeping (additional) food, and the resident(s) need a self-contained laboratory unit. The required space will be provided by a feasibility study. With the materials to be used, it must be ensured that the laboratory cell is completely self-sufficient in terms of energy and water and that any materials used can be disposed of completely. The "transport" of the laboratory cell must also be considered. This means that the design should take into account the dismantling of the entire room, space-saving transportability (container) and uncomplicated assembly (availability of tools).

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