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5 churches 5 concepts

The Catholic Church in Stuttgart, like all other churches in Germany, has had to contend with a significant loss of members over the past 40 years. In contrast to this is the still unchanged building stock with high running costs. Recognizing that this is not very sustainable, both in structural and building management terms, the Stuttgart city deanery of the Catholic Church has launched the "Breaking Up" project. This project will formulate a concept for a pastoral and pastoral-structural reorientation of the city deanery in connection with a budget consolidation. The churches in particular will be the focus of this reorientation.

Together with the Catholic city deanery we want to spend two semesters dealing with 5 selected churches in the Stuttgart city area. These churches are to be transformed into so-called pastoral centres in the future. These include centres for children and families, a pastoral centre for young people and a spiritual centre, but also the establishment of a columbarium. Within the framework of this seminar, the basics will be worked out, both in terms of content and concept. This is done in constant exchange with the Catholic Church. The seminar will be continued with a draft in summer 2014.

The seminar is divided into three phases. In the preparatory phase we will travel to Stuttgart, among other places, there will be an introduction to the project and to the history of the church and liturgy, and we will visit the individual churches. An important part of this phase will be the presentation of the churches to be examined in model and drawing. In the following conception phase we will deal with the establishment of the pastoral places and centres themselves, we will set priorities and develop conceptual approaches. In the last phase we will finally work everything up and document it. The goal will be to write a booklet for each church and concept and to present it together with the models in Stuttgart.