Institute for Building Design and Technology

Urban resources

ENTWERFENKONSTRUEREN offers an elective subject that deals with an architectural topic of our special interest across the semesters. This focus is our direct environment, the city of Karlsruhe. In the summer semester, the elective raises the question of urban potentials in the core city of Karlsruhe. We are looking for opportunities for qualified growth within the existing urban structure. The premise for any structural changes is a simultaneous improvement of the urban space and thus an increase in the quality of life. Methodologically, the examination should include an analysis of the existing, the development of a systematic for changes and concrete architectural interventions.

Our elective is divided into two phases that build on each other, starting with the search for and analysis of existing urban quarters. Focal points are urban structure, typologies, breaks, gaps, materials, atmospheres, dedication of outdoor spaces, and contents of use. The result is a plan-graphic representation of existing urban structures and of areas with potential for change. In a second step, strategies for improving what has been found are developed. The aim is to establish a methodical system for structural changes. conceivable strategies are additions, extensions, conversions and finally the replacement of existing typologies. the developed strategies are finally applied concretely at selected places and worked out architecturally.