Institute for Building Design and Technology

Principles of construction

Thomas Haug

Design and construction are inseparably connected. They shape the genesis of architecture, a process, barely comprehensible complexity, rational and intuitive in equal measure. It accompanies the idea on its way into the world of experience, of materiality, straight and direct, sometimes even on winding paths. As our thoughts become more and more precise, our focus is directed more and more to the detail. How do things come together, what impression is created? It is only at this level that we decide whether what we think can actually become architecture or only buildings.

Fathomed depth, beyond preconceived formal will, tracking down the essence of a design task, the discovery of the unforeseen, embedded in a process marked by methodical procedure, comprehensible logic and yet ultimately fantastic and sensual, that is our goal.

To achieve this, it is necessary to gain fundamental knowledge about the materialization of architecture. This involves technical constructional principles and conditions as well as the understanding of construction in an architectural-conceptual context. It is only in the synthesis of technical and creative necessity that we find information about the emerging form of a building.