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tiny timber tourism Ausstellung

Heinrich-Hübsch Preis

Yussra Sadi wurde dieses Semester für ihre herausragenden Bachelorabschlussarbeit mit dem Heinrich-Hübsch Preis ausgezeichnet.

ClearSpaceOne – ESA Research-lab auf dem Monte Tamaro, Tessin
hrsg. von Prof. Ludwig Wappner

ttt tiny timber tourism Durlach

Impromptu design

For the Karlsruhe campsite in Durlach, several permanently installed camping accommodations for two to three persons each were to be developed in wooden construction and, in addition to sleeping and eating places, also include a small kitchen with two hotplates, sink and refrigerator. The units will be equipped with a small bathroom with toilet, sink and shower as well as storage space for luggage. Outside seating areas will be created on a terrace.
In cooperation with the Office for Structural Engineering and Building Management of the City of Karlsruhe, the impromptu competition was announced. On 09.07.2020 the jury for the competition part of the submitted impromptu designs took place.
In several rounds, the works were judged with regard to the central idea for the location and task, integration in context, overall architectural picture, quality of interior and exterior spaces, functionality and usability, coherence of design and construction, feasibility and economic efficiency and sustainability.
The jury, consisting of Prof. Ludwig Wappner, Falk Schneemann, Peter Hoffmann, Jonas Framelsberger (Frammelsberger Holzbau), Julia Altenbrand (Amt für Hochbau und Gebäudewirtschaft), Anne Sick (Head of Amt für Hochbau und Gebäudewirtschaft) and Tom Dueck from the Durlach City Council, awarded the following prizes and recognitions:

Recognition: Peter Hund
Recognition: Aurelius Tauer and Samantha Vinueza
Recognition: Chris Soltysiak and Julius Grün

3rd prize: Lisa Reinhardt
2nd prize: Konstantin Beck and Ruth Meigen
1st prize: Merve Simsek and Mena Ghaly

Together with the Office for Building Construction and Building Management and the Durlach City Office, an exhibition of all the works is planned for October. The award ceremony for the prize-winning works will take place during the exhibition opening.

Timber Student Houses

Bergstation Salzburg


Wednesday, 05.01.2020, from 10:00 a.m.

Studio 1 - AOC Hall
AOR Thomas Haug, guest critic Christian Struber, Salzburg
Studio 2 - Room 240
Prof. Renzo Vallebuona, guest critic Stefan Höll, Salzburg
Studio 3 - Drafting room visual arts
Prof. Ludwig Wappner, guest critic Hennig Ehrhardt, Stuttgart

from 06.02.2020, Foyer 2.OG, building 20.40


Since the end of the 2017 season, the Karlsruhe campsite has no operator and campers simply drive past the fan-shaped city. To change this, the city of Karlsruhe will take over the operation from spring 2020. For the campsite in Durlach, several permanently installed camping accommodations for two to three persons each will be developed in wooden construction. In addition to sleeping and eating places, they will also include cooking facilities and a small bathroom. The impromptu design will be the result of a competition in cooperation with the Office for Structural Engineering and Building Management of the City of Karlsruhe. The aim is to realise the winning design together with a timber construction company.

PROCESSING Individual or group work
EXPENDITURE 06.02.2020 14:00
PRESENTATION 15.04.2020 14:00 hrs
CARE Prof. Ludwig Wappner, Falk Schneemann, Peter Hoffmann


As part of the lecture series, which deals with the nature of large spaces and the construction and joining of different specific materials in the third bachelor semester, we were invited to the USM company in Bühl with about 100 students. The building planned by Fritz Haller was constructed in three stages using the Maxi steel construction system between 1982 and 1992 and is now a listed building. After the lecture on steel construction, for which the room provided the perfect environment, we had the opportunity to visit the former assembly hall and the administrative rooms.

OIA Exhibition


Opening of the exhibition "The place, the identity, the architecture
City hall in Sasbachwalden
November 26, 2019, 7:00 p.m.

European Steel Design Award 2019


Valerio Calavetta's master's thesis was awarded the Europeen Steel Design Award on 14.10.2019 in Brussels. With his design "Living in the Wildpark Stadium" by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) he was able to win over the jury and received one of the three European prizes. His hybrid shows an option for the future of the city: sport, living and studying are united under one roof. The identity-giving building creates exciting connecting spaces between the individual functions.

Schelling Study Prize 2019


Angehaltene Zeit


Even in a phase of rapid social and technological challenges and changes, the design and construction of buildings continues to play a key role in the university education of the KIT Faculty of Architecture in Karlsruhe. It is important to maintain this and to continue to strengthen these qualities in the course of studies, to continuously expand them, and to constantly compare them with current and future developments in teaching and research, in practice, and in social issues. This exhibition shows the mostly hidden creative treasures of student work from recent years as a piece of stopped time. Designing and constructing becomes visible at the same time as an active process, which is in mutual relation to the present and future challenges of our society. This still requires the enormous potential and the unbroken creative passion of a young generation of architects*, coupled with a basic education that upholds the culture of planning and building.

Vernissage: Monday, 22 July 2019, 7 pm
Welcome: Alexander Vohl, BDA State Chairman
Introductory Lecture: Prof. Ludwig Wappner, KIT Karlsruhe

Opening hours: Tue - Fri 10 - 13 / 15 - 18
Sat/Sun, public holidays and 04.10. 2019
closed summer break 12 to 30 Aug 2019



Noel Rabuffetti wins Campus Masters at BauNetz in June.
Click here for the article.

Weinbrenner Preis

Bernd Seeland

Noel Rabuffetti (right in the picture) was awarded the Weinbrenner Prize for his final thesis at the Master's graduation ceremony. The ARQUSTICA design is a floating concert hall in the border triangle on Lake Constance. The design formulates a trinational place of meeting and serves the Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra in Constance and the border triangle on Lake Constance as a mobile concert hall.
Photo: Winner of the Weinbrenner Prize with Prof. Dr. Georg Vrachliotis

Der Geist der Baukunst


Six universities gave architecture students the task of designing a new cinema building for Durlach as part of their term paper. The task was to design an urban and hybrid building in which the public use as a cinema was to be combined with the private use as a residential building. The building was also to be designed for a plot of land in Durlach because the district has not had its own cinema since 1980. A selection of the resulting plans and models will now be put up for discussion in the Pfinzgau Museum exhibition.

The following universities were involved in the joint research project:
Prof. Nagler / TU Munich
Prof. Schneider / RWTH Aachen University
Prof. Kleine-Kraneburg & Prof. Zünd / TU Kaiserslautern
Prof. i.V. Theissen / TU Darmstadt
Prof. Kahlfeldt / TU Dortmund
Prof. Wappner / KIT Karlsruhe

The exhibition will be shown from 15.5. to 22.5. at the Faculty of Architecture in the foyer of the 2nd floor.

Winner Schelling Study Prize 2017

The Schelling Study Prize is the student equivalent of the renowned Schelling Prize, which is awarded every two years to international architects by the Schelling Architecture Foundation in Karlsruhe. Yesterday evening, the award ceremony was held at the faculty. The winners were Lisa Kahl and Damian Platten (bottom right). The chair congratulates.

Exhibition Der Geist der Baukunst

STADT WOHNEN TRIER - The presentation of selected student works of a joint research project on the teaching of structural design at German universities took place on 10.08.2017. The exhibition of selected works can currently be seen in the foyer on the 2nd floor of building 20.40.

RWTH Aachen | TU Darmstadt | TU Dortmund | TU Kaiserslautern | KIT Karlsruhe | TU Munich

Schelling Study Prize 2017

The Schelling Study Prize is the student equivalent of the renowned Schelling Prize, which is awarded every two years to international architects by the Schelling Architecture Foundation in Karlsruhe.

Concrete Design Competition 2016/17 Surface

Philipp Staab has won the Concrete Design Prize 2017 for students with his design of a Schaulager SAAI The work was supervised by Prof. Ludwig Wappner.
SURFACE was the theme of this year's Concrete Design Competitions . Almost 50 projects were submitted by students from 26 German universities for the 10th round of the student competition on the building material concrete. The jury with Prof. Mark Braun (Saar University of Fine Arts), Prof. Heike Hanada (Potsdam University of Applied Sciences - Potsdam School of Architecture), Frank Kaltenbach (DETAIL / Academy of Fine Arts Munich), Prof. Harald Kloft (Technical University Braunschweig), Prof. Ralf Pasel (Technical University Berlin) and Ulrich Nolting (Concrete Information Centre) awarded three prizes to teams from the Technical Universities of Munich, Dortmund and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, who will now be invited on an architectural trip to Lisbon and Porto.
Philipp Staab's design  of a Schaulager for the Southwest German Archive for Architecture and Civil Engineering SAAI was convincing. Not only through his unusual and convincing handling of historical existing buildings and the building material concrete, which here takes on a light, almost immaterial appearance. The new archive with storage and exhibition areas for the SAAI's stock of models, drawings and photographs will be implanted, as it were, in the existing buildings of the former arsenal complex on the Karlsruhe university grounds: Three of the five buildings of the historic 18th century ensemble will be partially gutted, filled with new concrete fixtures and almost doubled in height by steeply rising roofs.

Der Geist der Baukunst

STADT WOHNEN TRIER - The presentation of selected student works of a joint research project on the teaching of structural design at German universities took place on 10.08.2017. A small exhibition of the Karlsruhe works can currently be seen in front of the chair. In November there will be an exhibition of selected works of all participating universities.

RWTH Aachen | TU Darmstadt | TU Dortmund | TU Kaiserslautern | KIT Karlsruhe | TU Munich

Wohnen im Wildpark

Every year Baunetz awards prizes for the best final theses from bachelor, master and diploma courses. Valerio Calavetta's master's thesis was awarded the Architectural Prize, which was presented this year by Christian Knoche, from Knoche Architekten. To read the full article of Baunetz click here.

Mastervorbesprechungen WS 17/18

Exhibition SAAI Schaulager

The exhibition was ceremonially opened on 23 May by Prof. Wappner and Prof. Dr. Vrachliotis. The works are on display until 02 June.

Impressions Excursion Ljubljana

Exhibition SAAI

The exhibition shows student designs that investigate the expansion potential of SAAI's current location in the former arsenal on the grounds of the KIT Campus South. The Southwest German Archive for Architecture and Civil Engineering SAAI has been an institution of international standing at the latest since the acquisition of the estate of the Pritzker Prize winner Frei Otto. It is currently spread over several locations in Karlsruhe and thus does not have adequate accommodation. By merging the various locations and setting up a Schaulager, SAAI would like to open itself up to researchers, experts and laypersons in a new way and to provide appropriate accommodation in Karlsruhe for its stock of models, drawings, photographs etc.

Impromptu Kontext

The Karlsruhe suburb of Durlach is an ideal object of teaching and research as an area of investigation of regional identities and structural development potential. Adjacent to Durlach's Old Town Ring, there is a hitherto unused development area in the form of the Festhalle dating from 1895 and its surroundings, which occupies a central position in public space due to its proximity to the Catholic Church, the "St. Peter and Paul" day-care centre and the play and festival grounds. The entrance situation to the existing festival hall is currently blocked and not very inviting. By supplementing the existing ensemble with new uses such as a café, restaurant, attractive outdoor areas or living space, the Festhallenentrée is to be clarified and upgraded on the one hand, and a new, high-quality, public place as a meeting place for Durlach is to be created on the other.
Issue and presentation: Wed, 15.02.2016, 14:00 h, Room 240

IceLab III far away, so close

In the ICElab project, students in the Department of Structural Design Methodology at the KIT Faculty of Architecture develop a research laboratory for Patagonia. First drafts were developed in the summer semester 2015, one year later the students agreed on a draft and built it up in real size at the Westhochschule. In the audio slideshow, students Abigail Brardt (24) and Claire Meyer (22) and student Luca Bastian (25) not only talk about their experiences, they also hammer, saw and drill.
The research assistant Caroline Reich and the research assistant Daniel Baur will be there to help them with advice and support. The project was initiated by Professor Renzo Vallebuona, the head of the department. In the current winter semester, students in the project took part in a workshop lasting several days at the company alucobond in Singen, one of the sponsors of the project. "The aim was to get to know the material, its processing and production better and also to work with the material herself," says Caroline Reich.
Text Klaus Rümmele (PKM)

Schelling Architecture Awards 2016

Congratulations! ARCHITECTEN DE VYLDER VINCK TAILLIEU (DVVT) are the Schelling Prize winners 2016.
The board of trustees of the Schelling Architecture Foundation had nominated a total of three offices for the architecture prize, which is endowed with € 20,000. At the official award ceremony on 16 November 2016, these offices presented themselves to the public and the election board with short lectures.
The Schelling Architecture Foundation, founded in 1992 in Karlsruhe by Trude Schelling-Karrer and Heinrich Klotz, is an independent cultural foundation that awards its prizes every two years. A rotating, independent board of trustees decides on the nominations and prize winners. The curators are Peter Cachola-Schmal, Christiane Fath, Louisa Hutton, Dietmar Steiner, Wilfried Wang, Ludwig Wappner.

Faculty teaching award

At the annual celebration in mid-April in the Garden Hall, KIT presented the 2016 Faculty Teaching Awards. The faculty teaching award is endowed with 10,000 euros and is awarded annually in the eleven faculties. The prize winners at the Faculty of Architecture are Professor Renzo Vallebuona, Professor Ludwig Wappner, and Academic Counselor Thomas Haug.